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Melody Ihuoma

Economics & English Tutor

I studied at Balliol College, University of Oxford and received the Brackenbury Scholarship for academic excellence and the Alan Rodger Prize (for placing first in the college in Roman law) during the course of my studies. I take a keen interest in academia, and worked as a legal research assistant to the dean of the Faculty of Law at Oxford during the second year of my degree. My interest in research is matched by my passion for passing on knowledge and skills through teaching: I greatly enjoyed working as a tutor at the Oxford Summer Academy earlier this year, and also mentored 14 – 16 year olds in English Literature and Language and French for a year at school.


In 2010, at the age of 16 I wrote a novel (a psychological thriller) and was offered a publishing contract for it by Pegasus Elliot McKenzie. More recently, having completed my law degree, I have had the opportunity to continue writing – since July I’ve been working on an article for publication with a tutor at the University of Oxford on the liability of the mentally ill in tort law. From September onwards, I will be working part-time as a supervisor and business development consultant to a tuition company, and as a volunteer at the Free Representation Unit (an organisation which provides free legal aid and representation to those who cannot afford to pay for legal services).

Personal Approach

My approach to tutoring is holistic: I believe in teaching students not only the information required for their exams, but also the key skills of critical thinking and analysis which will serve them well at University and beyond. Moreover, I offer students an approach to teaching that is tailored to their specific needs and pays close attention to the fact that we all learn most effectively in different ways. Lastly, I believe that a student’s progression is determined largely by their attitude towards learning; I work at fostering a love of learning within my students and aim to show them that intellectually demanding work can also be fun and rewarding.

When I'm not tutoring...

When I’m not tutoring or working, I run a food, culture, fashion and philosophy blog. I also enjoy cooking for friends and family, and musical composition on the piano.

Alejandro Sabal

Economics, Maths & Spanish Tutor

Before starting a BSc in Economics at the London School of Economics, I was raised in Barcelona, where I completed the IB Diploma at the Benjamin Franklin International School (BFIS). Studying in an international school in Barcelona not only benefitted me academically, but also allowed me to learn English alongside the two local languages of my hometown: Spanish and Catalan.


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1997 though I was raised in Barcelona. From a very young age, I developed a clear interest in economics, mathematics and politics. This passion allowed me to become an interested student. Having learned English in school, I decided to pursue my undergraduate degree in Economics in London, at the LSE. In London, I have learned to adapt to a completely different, hard-working and open-minded culture which I admire.

Personal Approach

From experience, I firmly believe that the key to success is to develop an interest in what you are learning. Therefore, as a Maths, Economics, and Spanish tutor my job is to make the subjects interesting for the students. I think interest is contagious, which is why I am certain that I will transmit my passion on these subjects to all students.

When I'm not tutoring...

I have a passion for skiing and football, Spanish, Peruvian, and Mediterranean food, and latin music. I love travelling around the world, and I highly value spending time with my family and my friends.

Oscar Nicholls

Economics & Chemistry Tutor

I am a student of Economics at University College London, having completed A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Economics. In the subject, my particular area of interest lies in behavioural Economics, however I also enjoy researching and writing pieces on market dynamics for The Instinctive Investors - a platform for sharing finance articles.


Following my secondary school studies, I completed an 8 month gap-year placement with a London-based knowledge brokers called AlphaSights - a firm seeking to connect institutional investors with industry experts in market sectors of interest. In addition to working with my team on regular project workflow, I developed the firm's brand new conference call product for marketing to existing clients.

Personal Approach

Exceptional teachers are few and far between, so I have always tried to adapt my style to reflect that of the best from whom I have learned. As it turns out, I believe this to be the most useful trait a tutor can possess; adaptability. I enjoy tailoring my methods to suit particular students, in terms of pace, structure and presentation among other factors. I can also draw extensively on my two years of teaching younger recruits with my school’s cadet force.

When I'm not tutoring...

Outside of my studies, I enjoy attending lectures organised by the Economic Research Council - a think tank for professionals with an interest in the field - which range in topic from the implications of Brexit, to forecasting UK economic performance. I am also a passionate chess and poker player, and play regularly to continuously adapt and improve my game.

Hamza Ahmed

Economics & Maths Tutor

I sat my A Levels at the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle, in Economics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. While at the RGS, I won the subject prizes for my year group in Further Maths and Economics. Now I am studying Economics at the London School of Economics, with an aim to study a masters degree afterwards. During my studies I have been the Vice President of my student halls committee, a member of the university rugby club, and I have interned at a start up.


I was born in Exeter and have lived all over the UK since, eventually settling down in Newcastle. Both of my parents are doctors who immigrated from Pakistan. From a young age I was an avid reader and a sports fan. Since then I have gone on to find a passion for current affairs, economics and politics.

Personal Approach

I aim to be as empathetic and understanding as possible in my approach, a style I have developed in particular as the eldest sibling, helping my younger brother and sister with their homework over the years, as well as during clinics I led as a prefect.

When I'm not tutoring...

When I'm not tutoring (or studying at university), I enjoy playing and watching sports, particularly football, cricket and basketball. My other passions include scuba diving and travelling.

Milan Shah

Economics & Philosophy Tutor

My name is Milan and I am in my 2nd year at the London School of Economics, studying Politics and Philosophy. Over the last few years I've tutored regularly at a homework club for children with learning disabilities, did weekly 1 on 1 tutoring in preparation for the 11+, and helped coach my school's under 13's debating team. I thoroughly enjoy helping others to achieve their goals and I am in a great position to support people who need some extra help at school.


During my time at Upper School in Hammersmith I achieved 3 A's at A level. I went on to the London School of Economics and have thoroughly enjoyed my first year, achieving a 2.1 in Politics and Philosophy. I chose this course as I have particular interest in the way society works, including the impact different institutions have on the way people live. I have recently had work experience in Law at the firm Nabarro, and journalism at Thomson Reuters where 2 of my articles were published.

Personal Approach

I think that to be a good teacher you have to first understand your student. Trying the same techniques over and over again ignores the fact that everyone works differently. This is why I strive to get on my student's wavelength, to discover what works for them. Also I believe that, even at a young age, it is important to see the relevance of what you are learning in the real world. I believe this encourages students, as it encourages me, to see the importance in what you are studying.

When I'm not tutoring...

Outside of studying I enjoy cooking, keeping myself in shape, going to music festivals and travelling. I recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on a trip to Tanzania and hitch-hiked to Hamburg fundraising for the charity 'Farm Africa'. Living in London my whole life has been great as the City has so much to offer, and I think there's no better place to grow up.

Ali Mahommed

Economics Tutor

I am a first year Statistics student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). At school I volunteered twice a week at the maths department to help students in lower year groups and assisted with the termly maths masterclasses. I won my school's Economics Prize and reached the Bank of England area finals. During my lower sixth was involved with a science project which reached two national finals and was displayed at the Houses of Parliament.


I achieved 2A*s (Economics and Physics) and 1A (Mathematics) at A-Level as well as an additional A for my Extended Project on "The Internet's impact on China's productivity and economic development". I have been schooled across four countries (UK, South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia) and have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and traditions. I hope to continue my travels once I complete my studies.

Personal Approach

I am a friendly and enthusiastic tutor and can relate to my students having recently completed my high school studies. I understand that different students have different needs and thus my tutorials are all individually tailored towards each student.

When I'm not tutoring...

I am a keen long distance runner and have competed on many occasions in the Leicestershire County Championships. I am also a huge movie buff and particularly enjoy film noir.

Julian Wuttke

Maths, Economics & German Tutor

Hello! I am a very enthusiastic, dynamic and hard-working undergraduate, currently studying at the London School of Economics. As a tutor, I strongly believe in tailoring my classes to the individual needs of my students, and will work closely with them to achieve outstanding results. Having been awarded 44 out of 45 points at the IB, including 7 out of 7 in Higher Level Mathematics, Economics and Philosophy, I am confident my experience, passion and ambition can help my students grow.


Being of Belgian and German descent, yet raised across Asia and Europe and schooled in a variety of French, English and German curriculums, I consider myself an international student with a global, open-minded outlook on life. After finishing high school in Singapore, I decided to spend a year abroad studying at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland before commencing my studies at the LSE.

Personal Approach

The most important aspect of my teaching philosophy is quite simple: that the specific needs of my students come first. I expect to work closely with them, support them based on where I see a need to progress and mould my classes accordingly. I also strongly believe that there is no substitute to hard work and perseverance. By inspiring my students and sharing my passion for what I teach, however, I have faith this will come naturally.

When I'm not tutoring...

Passionate about jazz, r&b and soul, I am an avid music producer in my spare time. I love the freedom of travelling, being involved in athletic activities and spending time with friends and family.

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