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"I just wanted to let you know that George did exceptionally well in his A-levels this year and achieved 4 A*s - Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths. He’s secured his place to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge, starting in October.

Alessandro has been an amazing help to George over the last year or so - giving him huge confidence to feel he can tackle just about any Maths problem put in front of him. George is very bright and would, hopefully, always have done very well but certainly having Alessandro meant he had the time to focus himself a bit more on the other subjects. We and George feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic tutor"

Summer 2018 - Client of 2 years

"Sam came to stay during the summer holidays to provide tutoring for our son across Sciences and Maths. The programme was for 5 hours a day, every day. After a couple of days, our son totally embraced working during the holidays, and was pushing to learn more! He really enjoyed the sessions, and never wanted to skip a session, even adding a session on the last morning. Sam was a total pleasure to have in the house, providing great conversation, and behaving very responsibly. We would have no hesitation recommending his services"


Private tuition abroad - Antibes, South of France


 "Our 'Student Tutor' has been a huge hit! He has not only successfully coached our two boys through 11+ and Common Entrance, but has continued throughout a very demanding GCSE syllabus in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Our tutor has been unfailingly punctual, polite, always professionally prepared and most important of all has been instrumental in helping the boys achieve top grades and a better understanding in Maths and the three Sciences. We have recommended our Imperial Tutor to friends and have had no hesitation in doing so!"


Parent at Emmanuel School


"Student Tutors helped me to consolidate my knowledge and perfect my exam technique to ensure the top grades I achieved in my recent GCSE Maths and Science exams."


Student at St. Paul's School


"Great tutoring. I had tons of helpful notes by the end of the week, which really showed in my exam results. My tutor was very polite and kind"


Student at Oundle School


"I thought I would offer you some feedback on Theodore’s first lesson with Niall.  Theodore was very pleased with the progress they made in the first 3 hour lesson.  Niall was very thorough and Theodore was very pleased with the depth at which Niall helped him explore the subject.  Theodore is already looking forward to tomorrows tutorial. Thank you very much for arranging Niall.  I know Astronomy is a difficult subject to have a tutor for but you came up with the goods and it is appreciated"


Fleur Maloney

"Abi is very friendly and helpful . The girls are getting along very well"


Keith Patterson

"Stef tutored my son through his maths and science GCSEs- I cannot recommend him highly enough! He saw the potential in my son, motivated and inspired him to excel! Stef gave him the confidence to score top marks!"

Cloe Cloherty

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